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My name is Nataraj Ankinakatte; I grew up in the southern part of India, and now I live in Massachusetts. I am a nature photographer; I absolutely like it and everything that comes with it. I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life and immense beauty of the living being around me. I do my very best to take every picture keeping the essence of art in mind.

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Black-and-white Warbler

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Chestnut-headed Oropendola
Creative Nature Art

Story behind every picture

Great photographs don’t just happen. A famous photographer was once quoted as saying that for every image he shared with the world, there were 199 that were seen by nobody but himself. This is still true today. For every photograph that captures the heart of millions, there were at least another couple of hundred that the photographer felt weren’t good enough.

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Driftwood Beach
Creative Nature Art

What Makes Nature Photography Stand Out as Fine Art?

Fine art nature photography is often manipulated, from setting up a specific camera angle to adjusting the saturation of color during the editing process. Craft is important, whether the photographer is capturing the everyday setting sun or the extraordinary mountains of Yosemite. There are foundational elements of photography and design to understand, such as the use of texture, colors, shapes and lines, as well as knowing how light is altered depending on the weather and the time of day and year. Perspective and the right choice of camera lens must also be considered. To create fine art, talent is essential, but a photographer should also have technical expertise in using a camera as well as creating imagery that stands out as a unified piece of work.

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