Only if you had your camera with you!

You are on your way to run a small errand and you witness the most magnificent sunset ever. You instantly take out your smartphone and quickly capture a photo or two but the quality of the photo makes you almost tear up missing your camera! I am sure, we all had this experience. Just when you see the incredible opportunity to capture an incredible moment, you’re at the scene without a camera.  I agree that there are some instances carrying camera looks or feels socially awkward and it is sometimes impractical as well.

However, you can always train yourself to think differently about the situation at hand! Forget about thinking what someone would say about you when they notice you carrying your camera gear with you everywhere you go. It’s not always about you wanting to capture the moment, sometimes you will also get an opportunity to learn.

The most prominent photography institute is always yourself as you will learn more from the mistakes you made than from anyone else. By the way, this is my experience as well, in many occasions, I have left the camera behind thinking that I wouldn’t find anything and sometimes I thought is an odd time of the day to shoot.

Sometimes the elements influence your decisions, e.g., rain or snow. But remember those are the best situations to photograph; most often the worst weather is best for photography.

Let’s talk about some key reasons why you should always carry a camera:

You Start to See the World Differently

When you have a camera with you, you view & grasp everything around differently. Since you have your camera with you, you start thinking that you might as well capture it. This then leads you to perceive even everyday objects and scenes as something meaningful.

You don’t look at the streets you walk daily in the same way as you used to. You never see the same critters, flowers, and trees the way you used to look at them previously. Everything starts to appear new which feels quite refreshing and soothing at the same time. It is not the big and fancy location that makes a good picture, it is always you who make a photo of your world you are living in. You should think of interesting stories or messages of the situation you captured.

At times, we tend to get bored. Most often, this happens because our lives often become so monotonous – using the same mode of transport every day, coming across the same kind of plants and trees, but when you start photographing these things, you begin noticing certain intricacies that they have about them which you haven’t observed before.

At times like these, you ask yourself – “Why didn’t I notice this before!?”

It feels like someone has elevated your sense of sight all of a sudden.

To Practice Your Art

Henry Cartier Bresson, a famous photographer, was right when he said: “Your first 1000 photographs are your worst.” What he means by this quote was that to master your craft (photography), you have to practice it as much as possible.

Although I could ever say I have taken the best photograph as the saying goes, practice makes you perfect. The same applies when it comes to photography. If you want to capture different moments, nothing could be better than carrying your camera with you all the time.

You can find a plethora of unique moments on your way which can boost your photography skills consistently over the period of time. Of course, it could be possible that the first photo you take might not turn out the way you would have expected, but this is the real challenge, you will need to be on it until you have succeeded. Sometimes, opportunities knock your door twice.

A Chance to Capture the Unusual

The world is quite unpredictable. It’s beyond your limited understanding of what might happen next. It’s not in your hands to decide how the world will unfold. Thus, we’re completely ignorant of the fact what might occur or happen the very next moment. Being equipped with a camera can give you a golden opportunity to capture something unique that the world hasn’t seen it before.

Photographing other people’s personal moments is one of those extraordinary experiences that you might not come across on a regular basis. Remember at times, the most unexpected thing happens when you least expect it. Going out and seeing two children laughing their hearts out is a cute moment that you would wish to freeze forever but not having your camera on you can stop you from doing so, making you uneasy all the while!

To turn this disappointment into an opportunity, it is important that you always have your camera with you so that you never have to miss out on capturing rare moments.

Improvise Your Photography Skills

More you do it; you will get better at it. More you spend time outside more you will learn. Also, revisit your old images; helps you to learn from your own mistakes.

For starters, you get better acquainted with your camera. You learn how to shoot in the camera manual mode or aperture priority mode. You figure out what works best in different lighting conditions and capture the mood.

Things get even better! There are some habits that you will eventually let go off in your learning process. One of them is taking shots in an auto mode. You will soon realize how useless it really is. You’d rather prefer taking photos in a manual mode or aperture priority mode. Instead of letting the camera make decisions for you related to the aperture setting, ISO, and the shutter speed – you can take the machine into your own control. Remember, it is not camera taking photos, it is you making the photos, so the camera is your assistant for you, not the other way.

Over the period of time, you will master the camera and the skills would help you to take the perfect shot you have been working on. Having a camera with you every time you go somewhere can give you more opportunities to become a great photographer. It’s not just about capturing moments, it’s also about how you capture them and if you have mastered the art of composition and game of light and shadow, you are not far away from taking the perfect shots!

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