Always Carry Your Camera With You!

When you have a camera with you, you view & grasp everything around differently. Since you have your camera with you, you start thinking that you might as well capture it. This then leads you to perceive even everyday objects and scenes as something meaningful.

You don’t look at the streets you walk daily in the same way as you used to. You never see the same critters, flowers, and trees the way you used to look at them previously. Everything starts to appear new which feels quite refreshing and soothing at the same time. It is not the big and fancy location that makes a good picture, it is always you who make a photo of your world you are living in. You should think of interesting stories or messages of the situation you captured.

At times, we tend to get bored. Most often, this happens because our lives often become so monotonous – using the same mode of transport every day, coming across the same kind of plants and trees, but when you start photographing these things, you begin noticing certain intricacies that they have about them which you haven’t observed before.

At times like these, you ask yourself – “Why didn’t I notice this before!?”

It feels like someone has elevated your sense of sight all of a sudden.

To Practice Your Art

Henry Cartier Bresson, a famous photographer, was right when he said: “Your first 1000 photographs are your worst.” What he means by this quote was that to master your craft (photography), you have to practice it as much as possible.

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Photographing in Bad Weather is Not always Bad

I agree that the bad weather is not a good shooting condition; however, the scene you are seeing is much more compulsive. Moody, ominous clouds can make for an excellent backdrop for your photographs. Generally, when the weather is uncooperative, and the wind is bashing you in all direction, it is hard to compose your images, and moreover, light may not be favorable either. But, there is something always static around you, and you just have to figure out your composition. Notably, in landscape photography, you can give a dramatic touch to your photos. However, gusty wind and low light may not be appropriate to photograph flying birds and other fast-moving wildlife; you could shoot amazing and dramatic landscape photography.

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Photographing Shorebirds – Best locations in New York & New Jersey

If you are on a short trip to New York or New Jersey during spring or summer season, then you might want to make some time to visit one of these beaches – Nickerson Beach (NY), Belmar beach (NJ) and Sandy Hook Beach (NJ).
In the past, I visited these beaches many times, and it is safe to say they are some of the best places to photograph common and uncommon shorebirds. And of course, early to mid-summer is the breeding season, making it totally worth it to go to these beaches for your photography sessions!
For those of us who adore the winged beings would agree that there is an inexpressible pleasure in capturing their birds in motion or photographing multitudes of these creatures.
Whether you’re in New York or New Jersey, we have a few fantastic beaches in mind where you can capture beautiful photographs of shorebirds. Read on to know about our top 3 spots.

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