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Photographing in Bad Weather is Not always Bad

I agree that the bad weather is not a good shooting condition; however, the scene you are seeing is much more compulsive. Moody, ominous clouds can make for an excellent backdrop for your photographs. Generally, when the weather is uncooperative, and the wind is bashing you in all direction, it is hard to compose your images, and moreover, light may not be favorable either. But, there is something always static around you, and you just have to figure out your composition. Notably, in landscape photography, you can give a dramatic touch to your photos. However, gusty wind and low light may not be appropriate to photograph flying birds and other fast-moving wildlife; you could shoot amazing and dramatic landscape photography.

Nature Photography – Get the Best out of Low Light

Unruffled black and white cape buffalo

Talented photographers create spectacular images where low light or limited amounts of light exist obstacles to achieving their vision. Demystifying the methods of shooting outdoors in low light opens a world of possibilities for creating inspiring photos when there is a little or no sunlight (or moonlight) is available.
Shooting on cloudy days, in the evening, and in areas where natural light is usually low, as in deep forest areas, canyons, and other low-light locations, or at night, offers unique creative opportunities. Here are some strategies for capturing stunning images outdoors in low light.

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