A Frozen Moment Landscape – Freezing the one brief moment. Most probably, no moment is repeated, it is not the same next moment or minutes after. It always mesmerizes me these wonders around us. Most often, landscape photography is all matter of time, places where you are in, and elements. And of course, it is your luck too. You could be in the right place, but elements could be not in your favor. There are many aspects of nature, particularly in landscape photography is telling a story of a moment. Maybe it could be a calm ocean or a dead tree on the beach or floating a leaf on a quiet lake; it is all telling a story of a moment where you are part of it. Here are some of my favorite collections of landscape captured so far. Please enjoy and share beautiful moments.

Wildlife of United States

Land of Wilderness Wonders Seeing wildlife in America is most often seasonal if I missed a day, I would have to wait for next season. Especially, birds are just passers, and we don’t see them until next season. Every year, I eagerly wait for spring and fall for migratory songbirds and shorebirds. In some instances, I have visited the same place many times to photograph one specific species of wildlife. Sometimes, it is not just the species of wildlife, as a wildlife/nature photographer, I feel that I should strive to get immense beauty as much creative as possible. Nevertheless, I get huge pleasure at getting off before dawn or go for a more extended trip, knowing that I will be creating images of wonders that not yet exist. Please enjoy birds and some wildlife photographs I have created over the years. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in any images.

Birds of Costa Rica

A Place of Paradise Costa-Rica is one of the best countries to visit among other Central American countries. Not just the mesmerizing natural beauty, cloud forests, the most echo-diversity this country offers, but also the fabulous culture, remarkable and friendly people. And of course, the food which makes to go back revisit. I have spent more than two weeks photographing mostly birds in some parts of the country.one thing for sure, you’ll never see so many kinds of birds anywhere else! And of course, you will be surrounded by most rare to common species of hummingbirds. Costa Rica is going to be my next to-be-revisited list of countries.  Here are some of my favorite captures in my first ever travel to Costa Rica. 

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