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My name is Nataraj Ankinakatte; I grew up in the southern part of India, and now I live in Massachusetts. I am a nature photographer; I absolutely like it and everything that comes with it. I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life and immense beauty of the living being around me. I do my very best to take every picture keeping the essence of art in mind.

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I firmly believe that to photograph a subject, it requires a deep knowledge of its behavior and habits. The more I know the easy it will become to work with. The data or information is everywhere, books, internet, etc., but to really get to know the subject I have to be out in the field and observe them for long periods of time. From learning to photograph the subject it takes a whole lot of efforts and requires time, but in the end, the rewards are huge benefits.


For me, nature photography is capturing rarely portrayed nature's exhibitions of color, action, and emotion and presenting it artistically. The location could be my backyard or deep in the woods, but it has to have three elements - color, action, and emotion. So, most often I've visited the same location many times to photograph the same subject, and every visit was a unique experience.


For an unknown reason, I am not a big fan of any Adobe product. So, I have been using Canon DPP (Digital Photo Professional) and Capture One Pro from Phase One. Although Capture One does not support Canon big lenses, so far I am happy with results. Below is my typical workflow: Cropping Exposure adjustments Color temperature alterations Removal of dust spots Saturation / vibrancy adjustments Sharpening & noise reduction

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